Hey guys!! Sorry about he MIA nonsense. I had a mishap with the lipsticks. BUT I took full advantage of the HUGE sale E.L.F. was having a couple weeks ago. They had things as cheap as 40 CENTS!!!!!! so I got s MASSIVE haul to test out. Because if I hate it, well, I spent next to nothing. 

So, I JUST got the package. Opened it. Organized it. It’s all laid out on the floor and going to open it all and swatch it right here with you. Semi-Live. Its live but not videod. Thus, semi-live is born. Here we go! 

Not as dark as the package looks! Pretty color. Might actually use it as an eyeshadow also. Very pretty and shimmery. 

Very faint. Pretty color. Just barely there. Maybe with a different brush. 

Weird note: smells REALLY good. 

Woah. Very little goes a LONG way. As you can see. But smells SO good. Gorgeous color. A little tacky feeling when it goes on but dries quick. Loving this. 

Same great smell. Glides right on. Definitely can’t wait to use it!! 

So, if you bought $25 worth of stuff you got free shipping and a free 5-piece gift. This was my 5-piece gift. I wanted to spotlight the deal for a second and show the items. The mascara and eyeshadow trio you’ll see later in the post. 

Woah. Ultra bright. This was the one in the gift set! 

Going to test one of these babies out to make room on my arm for the other swatches! 

They’re VERY TINY. 

All the lippies. Too to bottom – first to last. 

I got two of these. Purchased one. One came in the mystery gift. 

And last but not least…. one mascara was in the mystery gift, the other purchased. And I’ve never used or owned or anything of the sort falsies. So, why not. 

That’s all for now guys! Hope you enjoyed unwrapping with me! 

-xo, j


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