Major posts coming soon! 

Hey everyone!!! I just want to check in real quick and let you all know we haven’t forgotten about you! Things got a tad bit crazy for both of us this weekend! So, just a couple quick updates to let you all know where we are… 

I’m currently working on some MAJOR lipstick posts. Making sure I have them all where I need them. Finally got my lipstick organizers in the mail today. I’ve been waiting on them to go through all my lippies and post about them while putting them in! Just debating on how to go about it. It’ll probably be by similar shades! So, I’m going to start those hopefully tomorrow. If not, definitely Thursday! I’ll even double post if I can’t get it tomorrow! 😁 I also have a few other things I’m working on for you guys as well! 

Aidan’s been swamped with school, trying out s few products and looking at wedding venues this week! So she’s been super busy. But she’s trying out some new products that I think she’ll be posting about soon! I met her yesterday to check out a venue and let me tell ya — her eye shadow was bangin’! Hoping she took pics! 

Anyways, just wanted to give everyone a quick update and let you know what was going on. We’ll be back soon and look for some major stuff coming your way!! 

-xo, j


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