Okay guys. You don’t know this yet BUT I’m lipstick OBSESSED! I’m working on a big (probably multiple part) lipstick blog. Just to get myself organized as well as let you guys in a little on the obsession. πŸ˜‚ anyways, I went to Ulta the other day to grab one of Lipstick Queen’s Frog Prince lipsticks. πŸΈπŸ‘‘ well, if you’re reading this then you probably know this already but you can NEVER go into Ulta for just one thing. 😏 so, I ended up with two eyeshadows, shampoo and conditioner, the lipstick I went in for, and two more lipsticks. 

And that’s where we begin. Naturally, I came home to play with my new stuff. What I had time for at least. I went for Frog Prince so I obviously tried that first (look for future blog). I had to get baby a high chair that night so I just left it at that and decided to try the others the next morning. 

Fast forward two mornings to today. I got up. For all excited to try Makeup Revolution’s version of a Kylie Lip Kit. I love Makeup Revolution. I’ve not had any products that have disappointed me. I LOVE that they make cheaper, affordable versions of the bigger brands. Even if some people can’t understand some people just can’t afford things like that and would like the luxury of those products at a more afforadable price point (yes, I’m looking at you, Kay Von D πŸ™„πŸ˜€). 

So, I put the liner on. Okay. Fine. Lip liner. Whoopty dooooo. Then the liquid lipstick. And after I got it on, I was in love. The color was stunning. (I was trying on Reign, btw) it looked beautiful. Then, I opened my mouth. And that’s when I realized I wasn’t going to like it. Not quite to hate yet though. It was just shy of being stuck Closed. What the heck?! So, I started talking, moving my mouth, steadily opening and closing, thinking maybe I just needed to let it dry. No. Got worse. It was the tackiest lipstick ever. I’m not joking when I say I would’ve been better off with super glue on my lips. 

Then came the real fun. 

I wanted it off. And I wanted it off IMMEDIATELY. Micellar water. Didn’t budge. Nothing. The cloth literally stuck to my lips. Makeup remover cloths. Same thing. Wouldn’t budge. I was LITERALLY SCRUBBING the life out of my lips and this lipstick wasn’t budging. St all. It finally started easing up. Got (what I thought) was the majority off, threw on one of my favorite Smashbox lipsticks and left. At this point, I was running late for work. Got to work and was telling my coworkers about the product.   Went to a sink and wet my finger with hot water and started to scrub, after two swipes on my lip, I pulled away just to see what the consistency was like or if it was even coming off. My fingers stuck together!!!!! I had my coworker feel it and she was even like wtf. So I scrubbed my lips until they were almost bleeding and finally got it all off. 😀😩😭

Like I said before, I LOVE Makeup Revolution. But this product is a MAJOR no. I returned the products immediately after work. 

And that’s the worst lipstick I’ve ever tried. Any makeup horror stories like that for you? I’d love to hear them! 

-xo, j. 


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