Evening Ladies (&& Gentleman)!!

Since Jacki had to go and show off her new vanity, I decided I needed to, as well!!

I just purchased my first home and since I gave my fiancé full range of the garage, he gave me full range of the extra bedroom. We don’t have kids, and don’t plan on having any, so I took the opportunity to turn it into my own little salon. We’ve only been in the home for a month, and between grad school and working, I haven’t had time to paint the walls yet. It’s on my list but probably won’t get done until the semester is over. So, please forgive the horrible wall color. (I have NO idea why anyone would choose these atrocious colors).

This is my lovely little Beauty Bar…


I purchased the desk from Walmart.com for $30, the metal shelving on the left from Walmart (in store) for $20, the plastic drawers on the right from Amazon.com for roughly $8-$10 for each set, the baskets on the left from Lowes for $4 each (clearance isle!), the chair from Walmart for $12, the mirror from Lowes for $30, and the under cabinet lighting for $30 from Lowes. So, I spent roughly $175 for everything. Compared to other vanities out there, I think it was worth it. Not only was I able to make it my own, but it ended up being cheaper for me because I’d still have to buy all the extras even if I purchased an “actual” vanity.

Let’s take a closer look…

First, is my straightener holder. It needs repainted (I’ve had it awhile) but this was super easy to make. My fiancé and I went to lowes and purchased the wood and the PVC pipe. He put it together for me and I painted it. The PVC pipe is heat resistant (to an extent) so it is PERFECT for my styling tools. Unfortunately, my blow dryer doesn’t fit, so I am working on making a holder for it. I screwed this right into the wall, making it super easy to reach for the tool I need and keeps the heat off my vanity. It also keeps the cords organized and out of the way. I used to keep my tools in a basket and everything was ALWAYS getting tangled.


Here, we have my hair products. I keep my dryer in the top basket, hair products on the 2nd and 4th shelves, lotions and tanning stuff on the 3rd shelf, and nail polish and tools on the bottom shelf. This allows me to keep everything organized and still have it close enough to grab. I hate keeping things in the bathroom, because I never get ready in there!! The only thing that sucks is that the shelves are wire, making things fall over easily. I need to get more wood from lowes to create a flat platform.



I keep my makeup on the right side of the desk. I have everything organized by type. On the top shelf, I have my foundations and mascara. I am sure that these holes were designed for lipstick, but I wear way more mascara than lipstick, so sans their idea. Top left drawer is where I keep my primers and top right are my little tools (tweezers, facial razor, q-tips, etc). Down from there is my power foundations and liquid contour products. Then comes my setting powder. Next drawer is my bronzers and powder contours. Below that is my eyebrow drawer and last, not not least, is my eyeliner drawer. I keep my liquid eyeliners up top though. I’ve found that if you lay them down for too long, the product settles and makes it difficult to use. So, I keep my with the point facing down! This has definitely increased the life of them.


Next shelf down, you’ll find travel size mascaras, some more foundation, beauty blenders, face oils, scotch tape (a must have for perfecting your eyeshadow), and some cute little makeup remover pads that my mom made me. In the drawer below those items, you’ll find my illuminators. Below that are my single eye shadows. Finally, below that are my lipsticks and glosses. Scattered around my entire vanity, are my palettes.


On the bottom shelf, I keep a catch all basket. Whenever there is a good sale at Ulta or I make a drug store haul, I put those products here, until I get to them. This is everything that I am going to try, as well as backups for when I run out of products that I love.




These little beauts are my brush holders. I know, I need another one. I actually made these because brush holders can easily cost over $20 and who wants to spend that on a holder when you can spend it on more makeup?? The glass jars started their journey in this world as candles from Walmart. After I burned up all the wax, I stuck them in the freezer for a few hours. Then, I took a butter knife and chipped out all of the left over wax. Next, I took some flaxseed that I had in the cabinet and filled them to about 3/4 full. That’s it!


Here is my light. I have to give credit to my fiancé on this one. Since we are first time homeowners, neither of us know anything about wiring and neither of us wanted to pay someone to come out to rewire my room for vanity lights. So, we took another trip to Lowes and found this little gem. It is in the “under cabinet light” section. They have a ton of different options, but I liked this one. I prefer things to be semetrical, so the bar was perfect to center above my mirror. I was concerned that it wouldn’t be bright enough, but as you can see, it is hella bright. Especially at 6 in the morning. I also got the mirror from Lowes. Honestly, I could have probably found a cuter and cheaper one from a thrift store, but I didn’t have time to go searching, so I opted for convince on this one.


Since Jacki showed off her closet, I figured I would too! My closets are a little small in this house, so I have clothes spread throughout every room. This closet is my favorite though!! As you can see, I have a shoe problem and a fashion obsession. However, I am also a bargain hunter… So, I purchase everything off of the app, Poshmark. It is my FAVORITE. I have found the BEST deals on there and I’ve made some extra cash by selling the things that I don’t wear/use anymore. You can find clothing, accessories, shoes, and makeup at REALLY low prices. (If you want to try it out, download Poshmark and use the code BVMKH to get $5 to spend with them!) I can’t recommend it enough.


There you have my little in home salon. It is still in the works, but it has definitely become my favorite room of the house!!

❤ -a


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