Slaaaaay Statiiiiiion 😍

Hey guys! Jacki here. So, for the last week I’ve been working on creating my own vanity. And I’m SO EXCITED to announce that it’s finally finished. And let me tell you, I’m in LOVE. I seriously wish I could just get paid to sit at it and play all day. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. So, real quick before I get to bed with the little one (he’s way ahead of me and it’s way past my bedtime), I just wanted to share with you all some pics and let you know what I did so hopefully it can help you and give you ideas as well!

I think all-in-all I spent around $250-$300 to get everything. Which, yes, I could’ve probably done cheaper and could’ve probably gotten one at that price BUT I wanted one that was my own, not some generic one from the store (although, there’s some super pretty ones out there) and with a little one, I just don’t have the time to completely refurbish a desk/dresser, which was my original plan. 

So, here’s the mothership of the whole setup. The main part. I got the mirror from a local thrift store for $17, the desk from Walmart for $50, some bathroom jars from Walmart, an organizer to put all of my most used items in, obviously my light up mirror, and then thanks to Aidan for the idea, I got basic LED cabinet lights from Lowes for the lighting around the mirror. Which let me tell you, is BRIGHT. I also hit the dollar store for glass bowls and sand for my brushes and managed to snag that “gorgeous” mirror you see up top. Organized my plastic drawer things (does anyone really know what those are called?). And can we PLEASE make note of how adorable that eyelash canvas is 😍😍😍

Please, don’t mind the clothes on the floor in my closet. That’s another project. Currently trying to get rid of clothes and whatnot. Anyways, here’s just a general set up of my “not used as often” items. I got a basic standard metal bathroom shelf from Walmart and up too is a calendar and a few box trial things that I’ve received, next shelf is a mirrored makeup organizer with extras and backups in it, then we have the box my Kylie Lip Kit came in filled with a few boxes from other random products I managed to keep over time (thought it was cute for decoration), then we have a ton of water bottles and things covered with a Victoria’s Secret dog, because why not? And last but not least a bun full of sample size items. Got everything from face wash to night creams to perfumes. 

I’m so proud of my vanity area and am completely in love with it. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I loved showing it off and hopefully you got some ideas as well. It’s nothing fancy but it’s perfect for me! I must get to bed now! Faster I get to sleep, faster I get to wake up and go to my new favorite part of the house! 💜

– xo, j 


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