With all of the latest hype on the black pore cleasing masks, I had to give it a try. So, I dragged my fiancé to Ulta, and after a quick (by quick, I mean 45 minutes) stop by the Benefit Brow Bar, we searched the store for a black mask.

After asking three Ulta reps, and searching every isle, (this may or may not have been a way for me to see if there was anything else I needed), we finally found a box of Miss Spa Charcoal Detox Modeling Mask Set. This retails for $14.99, in store.

To be honest, I was a little scared to try this stuff… After all of the videos making their way around the internet of people not being able to get the masks off, I was concerned that I’b be in the same boat. However, I opted to go ahead and see what all of the fuss was about.



I got home and washed my face.. twice.. just to make sure all of my makeup was removed. Then, I started the process.

The instructions are on the side of the box. I actually like this. It is more convenient then having a huge piece of paper unfolded across your sink.


The product that comes out of the step one bag is like a very thick pudding. It’s black, like charcoal, and goopy. It also seemed like there was a shimmer to it. I’m not sure if it was my lighting, or if it actually had a glitter in it. I was terrified to rub this on my face. The product that comes out of the step two bag is a fine, gray powder. The instructions require you to mix these together in the handy little bowl that they provided in the box. ( I loved the fact that I didn’t have to mix this in one of my own bowls.)


After you poor these in the bowl, you mix them. And when it says mix well, they mean, mix well. It took me an excessive amount of time to get all of the powder mixed with the goo.


After I got everything all mixed up, I started rubbing it on my face with the pink applicator stick that they provided. If you try this same product, put it immediately on your face, after mixing. The longer it sets out, the clumpier it gets.

This stuff is cold and slick feeling. It was an awkward feeling to rub it all over my face.


The applicator is hard to use, honestly. It’s shaped kind of like a hokey stick, so it was difficult to cover smaller areas, like between my lips and nose, without getting any on my lips. The box gives a warning about getting any near your lips and eyes, so it took some time to get it on my face with the applicator, all while avoiding these areas. Because I was taking awhile to get it on my face, the product started clumping in the bowl. It became a tapioca consistency.


I finally got my face covered, but there was a lot of product left over. I wanted to see if the clumpy product worked just like the smooth product, so I forced my fiancé into trying it. He loves me.


As you can tell, his is very lumpy and didn’t dry smoothly. (Sorry for the slight blurriness… he wasn’t a fan of his picture being taken for this, so I was trying to hurry.) Mine, on the other hand, dried smoothly across my face.


It’s COLD and it gets colder, the longer it sits on your face. I got a little itchy on my nose, but nothing too serious. My fiancé said that it burned his forehead. I don’t suggest using this, if you have sensitive skin. The box states to wait 20 minutes before peeling, so that is what we did.


20 minutes later, we were pumped to peel this shit off. It felt weird and was a little annoying. Mine felt like silicone. His never reacted properly, so I would conclude that the product needs to be used RIGHT AWAY, after mixing.

Every video I’ve seen shows the mask coming off in one piece, usually with someone screaming in pain from the little baby hairs being pulled off. This did not happen to me. In fact, it came right off. Not all in one piece, but several big chunks. It was kind of like I put silly putty on my face.


I was also under the impression that I would be able to turn the mask over, after peeling, and it would be full of all my little blackheads. This. Did. Not. Happen. In fact, nothing happened. No little hairs, no dead skin, no blackheads. Nothing came off my face. I did get a pretty cool imprint of my skin though! Ha!


Several small pieces didn’t come off by peeling, but a wet rag did the trick. No soap needed.

After peeling, my face felt sticky. A lot of masks feel like this, so I assumed that it just needed to dry. I waited about 30 minutes, and my face no longer felt sticky. However, it didn’t feel smooth either. It didn’t feel any different than normal. Nothing happened for me. What did happen though, is a reaction on my fiancé’s face. His face turned bright red where the mask was. I made him wash his face with cleanser right away, and he had no further complications. After about 30 minutes, the redness went away.

Basically, this product sucks. I would not recommend it. I’ve used better $2 masks from Ulta.


I’d love to hear your opinions, if you’ve tried this product, or something similar! Did it work? Did it suck?, etc.

❤ Aidan


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