Hello!! My name is Aidan. I am 26 and graduated in 2016 from Missouri State University with my Bachelors in Criminology.


I am currently attending grad school at Missouri State University for my Masters in Criminal Justice and Certificate in Homeland Security. I also work on campus, as a grad assistant. Right now, I am working at coding and analyzing domestic violence data for the state of Missiouri. Basically, coffee is my best friend.


I also volunteer with an anti-human trafficking organization called GO:61. They work at combating human trafficking in my area, as well as restoring victims. This is something that I am extremely passionate about.


I am engaged to a wonderful man, named Evan. We have been together just shy of four years.. (I can’t believe it’s been that long!!) We have two dogs, Lyja and Mika, a cat, Tommi, and a rat, Remy. Lyja is an Austrialian Shepherd (she’s the spoiled one) and Mika (he’s the brat) is a Belgian Malinois. I’ll keep you updated on wedding planning!




I absolutely LOVE hiking, kayaking, and spending time with my dogs. I enjoy traveling to motocross tracks to watch my fiancé ride. I also really love anything true crime- podcasts, books, documentaries, etc. If it is true crime, I am a fan. My favorite podcasts are Sofa King, Serial, Sword and Scale, The Vanished, Generation Why, My Favorite Murder, The Black Tapes, True Crime Garage, and Missing Maura Murray. I’m a huge fan of the West Memphis Three documentaries, Making a Murderer, Who Took Johnny, Amanda Knox… just to name a few. It’s hard for me to find time to read, so I’ve taken a subscription to Audible. If you haven’t tried it, DO IT NOW. It will basically change your life. I love cult books, drug books, murder books… really anything true crime.



When I’m not emerged in homework or true crime stuff, I am playing with MAKEUP. Which is why you’re probably here, anyway. My best friend, Jacki, and I love makeup (and everything that goes along with it) and wanted to share that love with you. We really enjoy buying all of the latest products and trying them out. Our goal is to be able to give you a great review on those products, so you know how we truly feel about each and every one of them.


I know that there are 1,000,000,000,000,000 sites out there doing the same thing but I think what we have to offer is different. You are going to get reviews from both of us in the same place. Two different girls with two different fashion styles, life styles, complexions, tones, skin types, and preferences. That is what makes our blog the best. You can see what a product looks like on both of us and read what we have to say about each, that way, you can compare what we say and make a decision about whether you think the product would work for you.

I am really excited to start sharing our love of makeup with you!!

If you have any ideas, want to leave feedback, or want to just say hi, feel free to comment on our posts!


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